Traffic Law

These links contain information on relevant areas of traffic-law related matters.

Traffic laws can be confusing and can change often making them difficult to keep up to date with.  Traffic offences can also have a dramatic impact on a person’s life as they can often result in drivers licence disqualifications.  The impact of this can be severe on someone’s ability to work, provide for their family or care for others close to them.

Our solicitors at Armstrong Legal are highly experienced in all areas of traffic law.  Their expertise allows them to examine your matter to make sure that it only proceeds if the charge has been correctly laid and to ensure that any penalty you receive is the most appropriate in your unique circumstances.

Our solicitors are also experienced in appearing in court on your behalf.  This can be to defend your charge, make strong submissions on your behalf in sentencing and to make applications for extraordinary licences where that is available.

Our team of solicitors work together to ensure our shared expertise is pooled.  As a result you will receive the best advice and representation when faced with a traffic law matter.

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