About Steve Preece



Steve Preece is the best criminal lawyer in Perth to assist you in any matter. He has 26 years experience in the criminal law and traffic law area. This has allowed him to build an extensive knowledge of all facets of these areas.

Steve has appeared in all Courts in Western Australia as well as in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

He has successfully represented people who have been charged with Murder all the way down to parking infringements.

Steve has very extensive experience in giving frank and honest advice on all criminal law and traffic law matters. His focus is on ensuring that clients are provided with advice which informs them of their full options. This makes sure that the options of the client are maximised.

Steve is a highly skilled advocate in Court and has appeared in hundreds of matters. He has extensive experience appearing in Court to defend clients and achieving the best result they can hope for.


At Preece Legal we aim to deliver services at a reasonable rate. We are less expensive than most law firms as we do everything we can to minimise costs of delivering our expert legal advice and representation.

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