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Preece Legal is able to recommend interstate expert criminal lawyers should you be facing criminal or traffic charges in other States. Whilst the laws in each State and Territory are quite similar, there are significant differences in many aspects of the laws themselves as well as the relevant criminal procedures in each jurisdiction. For this reason, you should make sure you consult a criminal lawyer in the jurisdiction your enquiry relates to.

Traffic laws also differ in each state and it is equally important to seek advice from an experienced traffic lawyer who is up-to-date with the local traffic laws as well as any changes to the law as they occur.

Preece Legal only recommends firms who are known to be reputable and highly skilled. The firms on this page can be relied upon to provide the highest level of criminal law and traffic law expert advice and representation.

Criminal Lawyers in New South Wales

J Sutton Associates. J Sutton and Associates are a highly skilled and professional law firm specialising in all criminal law matters. John Sutton and Andrew Tiedt are considered two of the top practitioners in Australia. You can read more about their team here.

J Sutton Associates can be contacted directly by email at You can call them on (02) 8080 8055

Criminal Lawyers in Queensland

Townes & Associates. Colin Townes is one of the most reputable and experienced criminal law practitioners in Queensland. Colin has a wide range of experience and many years experience. Townes & Associates can be contacted by email at or by calling (07) 3180 0122 or 0411 586 543.


Criminal Lawyers in Victoria

Stary Norton Halphen are leading criminal lawyers in Melbourne.  They have an extensive history as being experts in their fields as well as having a very strong approach to social justice. 

They can be contacted at or (03) 8622 8200. 

Tony Hargreaves & Partners are specialist criminal law firm who are highly respected in Victoria as being highly skilled in achieving positive outcomes for their clients.

They can be contacted at or by telephone on (03) 9605 3250.

Dribbin & Brown are a criminal lawers who have multiple offices across Melbourne.  They have a good reputation and represent a high number of clients in all types of criminal law matters.  They also act in legal aid matters.

They can be contacted via this link or by telephone on (03) 8644 7320.

Victoria Legal Aid

If you require legal aid assistance in Victoria, you can visit their website here.

Criminal Lawyers in the ACT

Andrew Byrnes Law Group are a specialist firm who pride themselves on fearless representation of clients.

Contact them via this link or by telephone on (02) 6243 3620.

Legal Aid ACT

If you require legal aid assistance in the ACT, you can contact Legal Aid ACT.


Criminal Lawyers in South Australia

Caldicott & Isaacs Lawyers are reputable SA criminal Lawyers.  They are a specialist firm who represent clients in all areas of criminal law and traffic law matters throughout South Australia.

They can be contacted by email at or by telephone on (08) 8110 7900.

Legal Aid in South Australia

If you require legal aid assistance in SA, you can contact the Legal Services Commission of South Australia.


Criminal Lawyers in Tasmania

Butler Mcintyre and Butler are a multi-faceted law firm based in Hobart.  They have a strong team of criminal lawyers who specialise in all criminal law matters.

You can email them at or telephone them on (03) 6222 9444.

Tasmania Legal Aid

Legal aid criminal lawyers in Tasmania can be contacted through Legal Aid Tasmania.

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